Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Tara's TJS donation

The Jennifer Show's logo was created by my co-host, Jennifer Scott. It was inspired by the Muppet Show logo, which we are both old enough to remember fondly.
Tara Reich works as a costume maker in Hollywood.
No surprise, her donation to the Jennifer Show has a distinctly show biz flair. Look at these Muppets!
We have twenty two of them - twelve blue and ten red.
And just in case you couldn't tell, they're actually pony pouches!
These are so cute. They're actually the first donation that Darcy has tried to steal.
Sorry, Darcy! These are all for the Jennifer Show. Thank you, Tara. We love them!

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  1. Gosh every post you made makes me sad not to come. Congratz, it's going to be quite a show!