Thursday, August 15, 2019

Anna's TJS donation

All of the Jennifer Show donations I've showcased to have come from hobby artists. This isn't unusual. The generosity of hobby artists has funded countless hobby events, from NAN to NaMoPaiMo.

But I digress.

This particular donation comes from Anna Tacket, who is not an artist and will not be attending the Jennifer Show. She's just a really generous friend, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate that! 
Her contributions to the prize pool include a pair of resin walls,
a fine selection of animals,
some equestrian jewelry,
a Rachel Fail  Nichelle Jones saddle pad and bell boots set...
and - most importantly - a T-Rex that's ready for paint! 
Thank you so much, Anna! The hobby needs more people like you!


  1. The pad + bell boots are my work... it's fun to see them again ^_^

    1. I really thought the little flag tag was your signature, but they were inside the Rachel Fail baggie so... I'll fix it.