Monday, May 21, 2018

Wild horse hunting in TRNP, part one

I have always dreamed of photographing mustangs in the wild, so I was excited to discover that the North Dakota leg of our recent road trip would take us near Theodore Roosevelt National Park, which is home to one of this country's best known wild horse populations.
Finding six hundred and fifty mustangs at a fourteen thousand acre wild horse sanctuary is easy.
Finding less than two hundred mustangs in a seventy thousand acre national park is not. I was worried that it might actually be impossible, that we would drive all that way and not see a single horse. Fortunately, that didn't happen. Within half an hour of entering the park,  we spotted a pair of roans on a hillside in the Cottonwood Area.
Can you see them?
I was able to zoom in on them a little, but they were so far away.
"That's better than nothing," I told Carol as we climbed back into the car, "but I really hope we can find some a little closer."
We did!
Just a little further into the park, we crossed paths with a roan stallion who was grazing right next to the road. I was hyperventilating as I took this picture through the car window. He was so close!
He didn't stay that way, however. He moved off warily as soon as I got out of the car.
I really wanted to follow him...
but instead, I let him put some space between us.
That was a good strategy. He stopped almost right away and posed nicely for my camera.
So handsome!
"That was awesome," I told Carol as we said goodbye to the little roan (and his faraway friend). "I can go home happy now."
Little did I know, the best was yet to come!
To be continued.

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  1. Ahhh I'm so glad you got to see some wild ones! When I was a teenager, I got to go on a trip to the Pryor Mountains in Wyoming/Montana (of Cloud documentary photograph Cloud and co) and it was an amazing experience!