Monday, August 19, 2019

TJS ribbons

In 2016, the Jennifer Show used paper ribbons to denote placings from first through sixth.
First and second place horses also received an additional prize. Performance horses got small tack and prop items. Halter horses won Potato Chip medallions.
That was pretty good, but this time, we decided we wanted to do even more. Last weekend, I picked up this mold platter from Jenn... 
and now I am a one woman medallion factory.
These are the Jennifer Show 2019 show "ribbons."
The squares were sculpted by Jennifer Scott...
and the rounds were created by Kylee Parks.
Our first through fourth color scheme is blue, red, purple, green. Shades range from dark to light with all kinds of fun mid-tones.
A few medallions will be swirly and pearly
 I am so excited about our awards this year. Who wouldn't want one of each?

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