Thursday, August 1, 2019

Katherine's TJS donation

Katherine Bone of Barefoot Appaloosa Studios is one of my favorite up-and-coming model horse tack makers. 
I was delighted to meet her at BreyerFest and see her work in person. It did not disappoint, so - of course! - I immediately hit her up for a Jennifer Show donation. It arrived yesterday.
Oh, I love this so much! 
Inside I found a gorgeous, hand carved and painted bridle and bell boots set. 
Here it is on a horse. 
Katherine's workmanship is excellent. 
Everything is neat, tidy and exquisitely detailed.
But that's not all! Look at this amazing set of 1:9 scale stable props. 
They're all great, but I especially love this bag of Barefoot Appaloosa horse feed. 
Thank you so much for your generous donations, Katherine. Whoever wins these items is going to be extremely happy!

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  1. This set is amazing and so detailed. I'm honored to have it. I haven't tried it on a horse yet, but will soon. I'm already busy working on my next show horse.