Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Bronwyn's TJS donations

Kids these days.

Every time I turn around there's another kid showing off her tack on social media. Some of these kids are really young, and all of their tack is really good. When I was a kid I made tack that looked like a kid had made it. The nerve of these children!

But seriously, Bronwyn Ahyong is one of the current crop of really young, really good tack makers. 
I have been tracking her development for several years.
She's always been good, but lately, she's really hit her stride. 
Last week, I received a package from Australia. Inside I found this perfect bridle and breastcollar.
Oh, these are so gorgeous!
I can't get over the teeny tiny braided decorations on the straps.
Kids these days... They are amazing!
Thank you so much, Bronwyn. You are talented beyond your years, and I can't wait to see what you make next!


  1. Bronwyn sure is a talent way beyond her years. ❤

  2. Jennifer you need to check out HorRaw studios. This girl's talent is outstanding. She does semi drastic to drastic customs & dabbles in her own tack making. She even creates the hardware herself!!

  3. I won this set in the raffle. Bought 20 tickets and threw them all in the bag for this. I LOVE it so much. So beautiful and perfect. It has a good home with me. I'll definitely use it.

    1. Congratulations! I didn't realize you'd won this set. I'm glad it went to a good performance home.