Saturday, August 10, 2019

Retama Park

Carol and I have accosted Mike Smith in a bar...
and stood on a racetrack in Iowa,
but until last weekend, we'd never actually attended a race together.
Retama Park wasn't part of our original San Antonio plans
Then we found out about the zebra racing
At that point, it kind of felt like fate. Clearly, a day that started with zebra feeding...
needed to end with zebra racing.
So that's how we ended up at the racetrack. 
We watched three Quarter Horse races before the zebras came to the track.
In the first race, Carol bet five dollars to win on this lively chestnut...
and I did the same with the pretty palomino.
Neither of them won. 
After that, we decided we didn't want to lose any more money. Instead, we just hung out by the rail, watching horses... 
and people...
and generally having a good time.
It was a nice night at the races... 
and the best was yet to come!

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