Saturday, August 24, 2019

Danielle's TJS donation

Danielle Hart is one of the unsung masters of the model horse tack making business. I feel incredibly fortunate to have several pieces of her work in my collection.
Yesterday, the Jennifer Show received a box of donations from Danielle. I knew about the Hart heart shaped crop,
but the 1:9 scale Jennnifer Show gift bags... 
and pair of fifty dollar gift certificates were an unexpected - and very much appreciated - surprise. 
People always ask what I'm going to do with the prizes, and truthfully, a lot of that won't be decided until later. However, I already know that most of the gift bags will be given out as prizes for the Jennifer Show Performance class, and at least one of the gift certificates will go in the raffle. The other will likely be assigned to the Big Dreams Performance class. After all, how better to advance a person's dreams than to provide fundage?
Thank you so much, Danielle. That was a really amazing box of donations!

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