Saturday, August 17, 2019

The rain came down

Seth has a line on a free timeshare in Granby, and he wanted me to go up there and see it with him. 

"Granby?" I asked. "That's a long drive. I have things I need to do here."

"Come on," he said. "It'll be fun."

"The Jennifer Show is less than a month away. There's no way I can spend a whole day in the mountains."

"What if we also went riding?"

So we went to Granby...
and looked at the timeshare. 
Then we drove another eight miles to High Country Trails.
We didn't see any bears... 
but we did find a whole group of saddled horses. 
That roan had my name written him. 
It was a little bit stormy, so wrangler Jesse did a de-spooking exercise with a pancho before we mounted.
The roan - his name was Pugly! - was the only horse who really objected. 
Clearly he was the one for me.  
Seth was assigned to Tom, which was funny because that's both of our dads' names. 
It's been seven years since his last ride, and clearly, he was excited. 
 We were literally saddled and ready to go.
Then the skies opened up. We dismounted and took refuge inside the office.
If you look closely you can see hail in poor Pugly's mane.
 We tried to wait it out. We waited and waited, but that rain was there to stay.
Eventually, we gave up and headed back down the mountain.
This was pretty disappointing. It's too long a drive to go back anytime soon, but who knows? Maybe that timeshare will work out, and we can renew our acquaintance with Pugly and Tom in the fall. Fingers crossed!


  1. That's a tough call. We do canoe in the rain, but only when we're prepared for it. Without us you're all wet!!

    1. There was a lot of lightning, and that's a showstopper with horses. I hated bailing, but it's not like I don't ever have a chance to ride.

    2. Poor Seth though…when will He have another chance?