Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Donations and mysteries

The mailman has been very good to me this week.
Of course, most of the new arrivals are Jennifer Show donations. Check out this big box o' saddle pads from Rachel Fail!
 This little tied calf was customized and donated by Corina Roberts.
He and his foxy little friend will probably be part of the prize pool for the Performance Jackpot classes. 
The 1:9 scale bulletin board was created by Katherine Bone. It arrived with her other donations, but I missed it in all packing material. I promise I wasn't trying to steal it, Katherine!
Most intriguing is this set of World's Smallest My Little Ponies.
I did not order these, and I literally have no idea who sent them to me.
They are really mysterious and also really cute. I hope they are for me to keep, because I have bonded. The Jennifer Show can't have these!
Thank you, mysterious benefactor, and also Rachel, Corina and Katherine. The Jennifer Show thanks you, too!

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