Friday, August 9, 2019

Terri's TJS donation

Back in 2016, Canadian tack and costume maker, Terri Wright, made an absolutely gorgeous presentation bridle for the Jennifer Show
She mailed it to Fabian, with instructions to deliver it to me. That would have been fine except sometimes international shipping is slow. The bridle arrived a couple days after the show.
Fabian delivered it anyway. I kept it for a day or two, strictly for admiring purposes. Then I sent Terri a message asking for a return address. She told me not to send it back. Instead, I was instructed to keep it for "next time."
It's been three year long years, and next time is nearly upon us. In just over five weeks, someone is going to win this bridle. Thank you again, Terri, for your generous donation to the 2016 2019 Jennifer Show!

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