Sunday, March 27, 2011

SFTC Resin Halter, part two

The Resin Sport and Stock breed divisions at the Show for the Cure were absolutely ridiculous, both in quantity and quality of the entrants.  Each class was double judged, but those judges only had four ribbons to give out.  Crazy!
Even with all the amazing horses on the table, there were a few standouts.  This first horse was one of them.  This is Grand Design a Carol Williams Valor Resin painted by Karen Beeson.  LOVE him!
An amazing Deputed Duke. 
 Two nice grey minis.
 SMB Valinor resin.
 Another droolicious Appaloosa Valor.
 Customized Valor by Steph Michaud.
Beautiful Venator. 
Award winning Wee Jay. 
On to Stock Horses! 
Even though there were a lot of horses...
by a lot of different artists...
I think it would be fair to say that this was the Carol Williams division.
 Oh, there were so many horses sculpted...
 and painted...
by Carol! 
I am such a fan of Carol's work that just being in the same room with so many of her creations was a thrill.  On a personal note, however, I'm glad that the competition in Colorado is not quite that intense.  I think I'd win a whole lot less NAN cards if I lived in Chicago!


  1. Gotta agree with you there Jennifer. Amazed how any judge survived the day.

  2. So many beautiful models! Think they would trade them for some of the bodies I've got lying around? XD

  3. Karen Beeson, I am completely inspired by your painting.