Friday, March 18, 2011

Lone Star Live photos

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the model horse shows.  Lone Star Live is a big two day extravaganza with full Custom/Resin and Original Finish Performance classlists.  Many thanks to Kellye Bussey for sharing these pictures!

First up is Kellye's Andalusian Leadline entry with tack by Kathy Wiggins and dolls by Joan Yount.
 This therapeutic riding entry belongs to Vicky Norris.
 Another one of Vicky's entries.  
Close up of the above.  Just lovely!
Yet another from Vicky.  This costume was made by Linda Gillette.
This Hazel resin is owned and customized by Lyn Norbury.
Hazel's absolutely stunning costume was made by Lu Heater.
This is Kellye's "Realistic Fantasy" Costume entry.  It depicts Arwen and Frodo at the fjord crossing.  The Verrochio was painted and haired by Faye Cohen.  Vicky Norris made the costume and Joan Yount dressed the dolls. 
This model has appeared on my blog before!  It's Kellye's custom Stage Mom by Sue Kern.  She is shown in traditional Spanish Vaquera tack by Kathy Wiggins.  Her doll is by Joan Yount.
This lovely model is Susan Hargrove's customized Matriarch, she was proxy shown by Lyn Norbery and if I'm not mistaken, that's one of my saddles on her back.  
Another one of Lyn's entries.  Unlike me, Lyn doesn't need a village to help her through a live show classlist.  Not only did she paint the horse but she also made the tack and dressed the dolls.  
This is another one of Susan's model shown by Lyn.  The horse is a customized Lone Star by Sherry Clayton.
Moving on to the Original Finish classes--this is Candy Evans' harness entry.  
Kellye's Breyer Andalusian is shown  competing in a Working Equitation class.  His tack was made by Vicky Norris and his doll was dressed by Amy Showalter.
Lauren Hoeffer won the OF Jumper class with this super cute Toy Story theme jump. 
No information on this one, but I'm betting that's Kellye's overall original finish performance champion. 
Thanks again, Kellye!!


  1. Ugggghhhh...I am going through performance withdrawal looking at all these awesome photos.

  2. Need more? I had intended to send photos of my entries wearing your tack....darn it...totally forgot.