Thursday, March 24, 2011

SFTC Other Performance, part one

Here are some more photos from the Show for the Cure held last Saturday in Itasca, Illinois.  This group cover three of the classes in the Other Performance division.  

The Other Performance division opened with Showmanship.  This is one of D'arry Jone Frank's horses.
Karen Meekma's mule Clayton was back. 
I love the detail in this handler's jacket! She was dressed by Darla Curtis and is owned by Karen.
Karen's other horse, Leavem Zipped also competed in this class. 
The Arabian costume class was next and it was huge.  I think there were seventeen entries!
There were several desert scenes...
complete with Bedouins and Salukis. 
On the other end of the spectrum there were several nice showring style costumes...
including this lovely pink and cream costume owned by Rosalie Deis.
With so many outstanding choices, I found it exceedingly difficult to pin just four!
The peach costume on the crabby Stone Arab ended up winning second place...
and the pink costume on the Moody resin won the blue. 
I just know you want a better look at the dog!
Other Costume was next and I finally got to see one of Vicky Norris' Charro saddles in person. If I'm not mistaken, this one was actually featured on my blog back in December 2009.
The Other Costume class also featured several nice Native American costumes. 
This one was my favorite and the class winner.  I don't remember who painted the Caldero, but he is owned by Karen Meekma and Lu Heater made the tack and customized/dressed the doll.
We're almost to the end of the Performance pictures--only Other Performance and Harness are left!


  1. WOW!!! That last costume is to die for!!!

  2. Great close upshots of two of my costumes. Being featured in your blog means as much as a ribbon would.

  3. Hey Rosalie--if you tell me which ones they are, I'd be happy to edit the post to list you as the owner.

    That was such a tough class with so many nice costumes and not nearly enough ribbons... Pretty much like everything else that day!!

  4. Damn you had a hard time!

  5. I own the costumes in the two close up shots you have of the black and red warrior style costume and the pink Hollywood style. The latter was the one I had to rush to get from halter to costume class.