Monday, March 7, 2011

Blue Skies Western Performance, Part One

Just for Vicky--here are pictures from the Western Performance division of the Blue Skies Live Show held last Saturday in Calhan, Colorado.

First up was the combined Roping and Cutting class.  I was not feeling ambitious enough to compete in this class.  With entries like this,

and this,
and this, I don't think I was missed.
Other Stockwork was next.  I sat that one out, too.  Fortunately Sandy...
and Lu did not.
Close up of the amazing Susan Bensema Young bridle worn by Sandy's Margarita Madness.
Emma made her Blue Skies Western debut in the Games class.  Doesn't she look pretty in pink?
Another pole bender, this one belongs to Lu.
All sorts of mounted games were represented.  Lu's Appaloosa competed in the Keyhole Race,
Margarita Madness in the Camp Race,
and Teresa's swish tail Lady Phase in Musical Mats.
Emma took a few minutes between the Games and Reining class to change tack and riders.  Fortunately she's just as cute in blue as she is in pink.
Lu's reiner.
I am not usually a big fan of mini tack, but this little guy's saddle was amazing.  If anyone knows who made this, please post to the comments section.  I like to give credit where credit is due and someone definitely deserves credit for this!
One more reining entry and that's it for today.  Unfortunately, I'm not sure who this one belongs to.
Coming next--Western Trail, Western Pleasure, Other Western and championship callbacks!


  1. Oh wow, that stablemate saddle is fantastic!

  2. Holy cow - that western saddle is amazing! I hope my traditional size one comes out that good!!

    And I love those pintos on the Ruffian and Smarty Jones molds! Beautiful!

  3. The mini saddle was AMAZING.All the ones i've seen are(naturaly)not as lovely as the big ones. Such a shame the tackmaker is unidentified:(

  4. If I had to guess, I would say the little saddle was made by Cindy Cilker. Originally I was thinking Anna Kirby, but I just scrolled back through a year's worth of posts on her blog and didn't see it. Either way, it was really, really nice. I'm sure someone will step forward and identify it!

  5. I knew I would not be missed if I skipped western performance! Lu and Sandy are SOOOOO talented at it.

  6. Thanks for sharing! Fabulous entriers - love them all! The bar keeps getting higher for us performance showers!

  7. i love seeing Lu's and Sandy's entries. They are both so creative! Your mule is just too cute in what ever color!!
    Thanks for posting!!

  8. A friend sent me over here and I was thrilled to see my bucksin SM on your blog! The tack set was actually made by me, Kristen W., but I'm flattered that you thought it was a Cindy Cilker set. :D Her amazing work is what inspired me to get into mini tack making.