Thursday, March 10, 2011

Blue Skies Resin Halter, Part One

Blue Skies Live wasn't just a performance show.  There were also six separate halter divisions.  Today's photos are from the Resin Halter classes.

The draft division was first and my day got off to a good start with BFF's second place in the Percheron/Belgian class.  The winner was a mini Scarlett owned by Carra McClelland and proxy shown by Teresa.
This beautiful Sommer Prosser Ursus Major resin won the Clydesdale/Shire class.  He was painted by Elizabeth Bouras.
Sheila Anderson Bishop's roan Scarlett won the Other/Mix draft class.
My Purdy mules in the Longears/Exotic class.  Jennibray was first and Emma was fourth.
There were three Buxton horses on the draft callback table--BFF, Jennibray and Bangles.  None of them were named Champion, however.  That honor went to the roan Scarlett.  Carra's mini Scarlett was the reserve.
Stock breeds were next.  My Matriarch, Love N Stuff, won the Quarter Horse class but I was so busy looking at this lovely Octopussy that I forgot to take her picture!
This is Surprise, an Eberl Carlito painted by Sheila and owned by Teresa Fedak.  Love him!
Another one of Teresa's horses in the Mustang class.
Morgen Kilbourn El Embosco resin painted by Sheila.
My own WarLord.  He didn't place, but I thought he looked pretty nonetheless.
Onto the Sport Division!  My Valor resin sculpted and painted by Carol Williams won the Thoroughbred class.
Teresa Buzzell's Lancelot resin won the solid colored Warmblood class and my own Valentino resin, Adonis Z was second.
Navigant's multi-year no NAN card streak came to an end in the spotted Warmblood class.  Maybe now it's time to retire him!
Judge Karen Gerhardt inspecting the Other/Mix Sport Horse class.
And the winner is...  My own Sweet Basil!!  (Yes, I really did name a resin after the rat!)
Teresa's Warmblood was named division champion with my Valor in reserve.  Light breeds, Spanish/Gaited, Ponies and Foals to follow!


  1. Beautiful models!! I spy Bangles!!! I'm glad she is doing well for you!

  2. Actually, I was "training" for Carra :)