Monday, March 7, 2011

Blue Skies English Performance

The English performance division at the Blue Skies Live Show started with dressage.  There were five entries in this class, and it didn't take me long to realize I had a part in every single set-up.
Emma and Sandy's grey horse wore regular huntseat sets,
Sheila's Stone Warmblood was decked out in a full upper level dressage set,
Trovao wore the first dressage saddle I ever made,
and Sandy's Appaloosa wore a really old BCS bridle.
I didn't make any of the square pads, Trovao's bridle or the Appaloosa's saddle.  Speaking of which, that saddle is at least as old as the bridle it's paired with, but I still think it's pretty nifty.  Credit goes to Sue Rowe.
Hunters were next.  Emma won with this classic hunter set-up.
Regan borrowed my Handy Hunter documentation and scored the other NAN card with her Strapless.
Onto Eventing/Cross Country--Emma looked stylish in her matchy matchy green accessories...
and Sandy's grey horse looked equally handsome as he entered the Rolex start box.
Still, it was Teresa's Infinity who came away with the top ribbon.
Those three were back in the Jumper class with much the same results.
Here's Sandy's gray.  Somehow I missed taking a photo of Sabotage.
Jane's pony made an appearance in the Trail class.
Sandy won the prize for most creative trail entry with this set-up.
I originally thought she was setting up for Other English, but nope, that's Trail and she's got the documentation to prove it.  That was a very cool entry!
In the end, however, it was consistent little Emma who won the Trail class.  Go mule!
Other English was last and it could have just as easily been the English Games class.  Jane's pony did battle with the balloon dragon, 
Emma and her rider competed in ring spearing, 
and Sandy's grey took aim at Netball.
Here's the net!
It was a very tough division, but when it was all said and done, Emma came away with the Championship.  Can I say it again?  Go mule!
Western next!


  1. Emma really is gorgeous - all your entries with her look fantastic! I always prefer performance entries with actual riders though so perhaps I'm just biased. :P

  2. You ladies are so creative! I must think of some more fun performances :). Loved the trail ball!

  3. Go Emma!! Congrats! Patiently waitng for the western division!

  4. These posts are making me so happy! <3

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Vicky--The Western pictures are coming. They should be up within the hour.

    Mel--there a couple more happy posts in your future! :)

  6. Wow, love all those setups! And may I say that you are really making me want a Jasmine resin?

  7. What? No photo of Sabotage and the Vegas jump? Shame on you :D As usual, love the photos - esp as I was on the other end of the hall, doing judge-like things!

  8. What scale is the appy jumper?

    1. The cantering horse? That's a traditional scale Kathleen Moody Utopia painted by Jennifer Kistler. Teresa Buzzell is the owner.