Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Peruvian postscripts

Melanie Miller sent along these pictures of another piece of traditional Peruvian tack.  This is called a pellon.
The pellon is a type of tapestry that is used over the saddle to make riding more comfortable. It can also double as bedding during long journeys.
The topside of the pellon is made from black dyed wool which is handrolled into cords that are then individually inserted into a rug type backing.The underside is lined with fine kid leather and usually contains pockets.
I had never seen a pellon before so many thanks to Mel for sending me the photos and information.  I am pretty sure that if I ever get around to making that Peruvian saddle, I will have to make a pellon to go with it!

Speaking of which...  look what I found in the bottom of an old supply box!
It's been at least five years since I bought these traditional scale Peruvian Paso trees from Darleen Stoddard of EquiWorks.  I'd all but forgotten them--at least until today!  Now I feel like I have some new toys to play with.  No promises, but there may just be a Paso saddle or two in my future!

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