Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Almost wordless Wednesday

I wasn't the only shower who brought my camera to the Blue Skies Live Show last Saturday.  Beth McCarley brought hers, too.
When she wasn't busy showing, she was up at the show tables experimenting with her macro lens.  I feel so privileged to be able to share some of those photos.  I'm sure everyone will agree that these are some of the coolest live show pictures ever.


  1. Phenomenal! I'll bet she can take some amazing photo show pictures with that. Makes me yearn for my own macro lens...

  2. I REALLY like the first photo.. the blur (I guess from the teammate's head, although at that point you don't realize it's a double) really adds to the action, as if the model is in fact moving. Sweet!

    My other favorite photo(s) is the paint tied to the oil rig/electric tower. I actually found myself thinking, "Oh shoot, tied by the reins, don't spoke and hurt yourself." In the second photo of those two... that looks like a very interested, intent horse, possibly considering a spook. Good setup and great pics. You know models are good when you find yourself thinking about them as if they were in fact live animals! =)

  3. I hope she does it at the next show too... lots of fun to look through them!