Monday, March 28, 2011

SFTC Resin Halter, part three

I don't usually need three posts to cover a halter division, but the resins at the Show for the Cure were just that impressive!

Because I was busy judging. I missed most of the pony classes.  Fortunately, I still managed to snap quick pictures of these two Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig cuties.  This is Tuppence, an Otto painted by Mel Miller.
And this is Eureka.  She is an Elsie resin and was painted by Amanda Brock.  Liz LaRose is the lucky owner.
The parade of SMB horses continued into the foal division.
This little Imp looks so tiny compared to his ribbon and NAN card!
Of course, there were a lot of other nice foals on the table including a whole slew of Eberls.  If I'm not mistaken, the Warmbloods are Filou...
 and Scampolo.
The drafts are Basilikum...
and Rosita.
Not surprisingly, the Stock Foal classes were once again filled with a dazzling array of Carol Williams beauties.
Is there any color...
that she can't paint?!
Somehow I completely managed to miss the Championship Callbacks for the resin divisions.  However, I do know that Grand Design was the day's big winner.  Here he is with all his winnings including the giant "Best in Show" rosette.
Whew, it's been a lot of show posts lately!  Hope everyone is enjoying these because I still have more to share.


  1. I LOVE show pictures! Bring 'em on!!!

  2. Oh, that rabicano is just fantastic! Mindbogglingly time consuming to paint I bet...

  3. I have info on the Otto! I painted him, and he is owned by Eliz LaRose. I *think* his name is Tuppence. :-D

  4. Oh, I LOVE that Otto! I don't know if he still belongs to Liz (he's not on her webpage) but I'll definitely edit the post to list you as the painter.

  5. I had the pleasure of seeing Grand Design in person at a show last November and he's a stunner - no surprise that he did so well at this show also!

  6. More the merrier :)