Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Post weekend show report

I know I'm not supposed to play favorites, but there's no doubt that Kellye Bussey is on my short list of best customers ever.  Not only does she challenge me with some of my most interesting orders, but she's also top notch at sending photos of her horses wearing their BCS tack.  Today's pictures come from last weekend's big Lone Star Live show in Fort Worth, Texas.

Starting with the Resin/Custom division, this is one of Kellye's beautiful customized Alborozo models.  He is shown winning the dressage class with a saddle by me and a bridle and pad by Corinne Ensor.
You might remember this Cary Nelson costume from last month's "Fixing things" post.  It is shown on a brand new custom PAM by the talented Sue Kern.  The handler was dressed by May Jahnke.  Kellye reports that the saddle is much easier to tack up now.  Hooray!
Another one of Kellye's Sue Kern customs won the Custom/Resin Huntseat--Other Type class with her BCS saddle and bridle.
Onto the Original Finish Performance division--the Cary Nelson costume with BCS girth and billets was back, this time on Kellye's H&H Amankhar resin.
My contribution to the next entry was even smaller--I made the flag carrier which is attached to the right stirrup.  Kellye writes: "It may look small and insignificant but it helps tremendously supporting and positioning that heavy flag, just like it does in real life. My rider doll greatly appreciates it!"  The rest of the tack was made by Susan Bensema Young in 1994 and the doll was dressed by Joan Yount.
Kellye also showed her OF Valentine in all three performance divisions.  
She was hugely successful winning Other Performance Champion, English Performance Champion, Western Performance Champion and--not surprising!--Overall Performance Champion.
I didn't have anything to do with her Other Performance and Western victories, but I did make her English saddle and bridle.  I also took the photos that served as reference for this winning Handy Hunter entry.
Congratulations Kellye on a most spectacular performance...
and thanks again for all the wonderful photos!


  1. I judged both OF and CM performance divisions at Lone Star Live, and Kellye's BCS tack really stood out in a crowd of EXCELLENT entries!! Great job, Jenn!

  2. I have one of those wonderful customers, too! They're great, and the photos yours sent you are wonderful :)