Sunday, March 6, 2011

Blue Skies Scene Class

There were only three entries in the Scene class at the Blue Skies Live Show but all three of them were spectacular.  First up was Lu Heater's truck and trailer.
It's a Breyer trailer but that truck...  It actually works!  Lu "drove" it all over the show hall.
I especially love the dog riding shotgun! 
Sandy is so out of control.  Here she is setting up her famous saloon scene.
Front view--look at that bankrobber making his getaway! 
The gun shots spooked this horse so badly he knocked his handler into the watering trough.
This entry is jam packed with tiny details including bullet holes in the windows...
and period correct money on the streets.
At first glance, Lu's second entry almost looks like a typical ranch scene...
but there's something unusual lurking behind that windmill.
I'm not talking about that really cool Wade style saddle.
Please do not ask me which one of these scenes actually won the class.  I was showing in three divisions so I didn't do a very good job at keeping track of the placings.  Besides, as far as I'm concerned, this should have been a three way tie for first!


  1. Just awesome setups by both these ladies! I just LOVE to look at their things and see all the cool ideas they have. Rock on Lu and Sandy!

  2. Thanks for posting the pictures! :-)
    Lorrie Franz

  3. Gosh I'm in love with that saddle. Maybe someday I'll do a cantle roll that comes out that perfect!

  4. Sandy's setups are amazing! Love, love, love that water tank set up -that's the cutest thing ever. And the detail! The rust on the water tank, the realistic water pipe,the windmill....amazing!

  5. The details are incredible, and that's what makes the set up incredible! I am feeling INSPIRED to tackle this year's model horse diorama! I think I need to add a cutter to my collection, too :)