Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SFTC English Performance

English is my favorite performance divisions so I felt very lucky to have such a nice group of English set-ups to judge at last weekend's Show for the Cure in Itasca, Illinois.  

The first class was a combined group of Hunter, Jumper and Cross Country entries.  This cute little mini hunter was customized and shown by D'arry Jone Frank.
There were two separate jumper entries... 
with beer bottle jump standards!
A very cute 4-H entry.  
 Manuela Wieczorek's traditional sized jump standards.  
D'arry's stablemate scale dressage horse entered the Over Fences class with this very creative set-up. 
Here's the documentation.  One thing I did not like about this show is that the classes were only placed to fourth.  I do understand the reasoning behind this, but I hated leaving so many nice entries unacknowledged!
Other English was next.  This was another big class with entries ranging from fox hunting...
 to Saddleseat.
Strangely, the Dressage class came up right smack in the middle of the English Performance schedule. 
D'arry's little Thrillseeker changed out of her Hunter clothes and won the class with this upper level set-up.
Karen Meekma's Leavem Zipped won the trail class with this very nice trot poles entry.  Leavem Zipped is a Kitty Cantrell Nocturno resin customized by Liesl Dalpe. 
Another trot poles entry--this one belonged to Manuela.  The tack was made by Anna Kirby and without a doubt, it's the nicest stablemate scale English tack I've ever seen. 
The division ended with Huntseat Pleasure.
If I recall correctly, the Pleasure class was won by Karen's Leavem Zipped who was also named the English division Reserve Champion. 
Championship honors went to D'arry's Thrillseeker.  See, I really don't discriminate against minis!
Other Performance is next and then it's on to the Resin and Custom halter classes!


  1. Nothing makes me grouchier than combined Hunter/Jumper/X-C classes. It's so hard to pick which setup to use! That and I sometimes feel as though Hunters are disadvantaged in those three-fer classes because of their understated aesthetic in comparison to giant X-C dioramas and flashy Jumper jumps. That said, I'm still sad to have missed this show.

  2. Because time was a major concern at this show, the performance classlist was more abbreviated than I am used to. Ideally, each division should have had at least another two or three classes. There was a lot of comparing apples to oranges which is never ideal, but I think it worked out ok.

  3. Are you comfortable judging entries which have used BCS tack, or do you try and discount that as a factor if your own work is on the table?

  4. Actually, that made me very *uncomfortable*. As soon as that entry went on the table, I held the class and ran around the show hall polling the other judges and performance showers as to how I should proceed. Everyone I asked said it was not a big deal and just to let it be. This is *not* what would have happened in Colorado, but I am confidant in my ability to judge objectively, and I do not think that affected my selections at all. Still, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried about how it might look to others.

    Worth mentioning--It's entirely possible that there were some people who might objected to this. I just didn't happen to find them.

  5. Nice to see your comment about Anna Kirby's tack - it is among the best SM scale tack out there and mine win with it all the time.

  6. Oh, that buckskin jumper. I would *love* to have a horse like that. Does anyone know what resin it is?

    1. The big, landing jumper is a Memphis Belle resin.