Friday, March 11, 2011

Blue Skies Custom and OF Plastic

I brought way too many models to the Blues Skies Live Show last Saturday.  In addition to my performance mule and all the resin halter horses, I also packed a whole box of customs.  I barely had time to get them back and forth to the judging tables let alone photograph their placings.  Still, I did manage to get a few shots of the Custom division.

This is Once Upon A Time shown winning the Custom Stock Horse Championship.  "Story" is a Breyer Strapless customized by Danielle Feldman.
Lovely Nejmet won the Custom Light Breed Championship.
Two pretty Iberians in the custom Spanish Breed class.
Cindy Kessler's adorable custom Brighty by Dani Schacht.
Custom Stone weanling by Sheila Anderson Bishop.
Judge Regan O'Keefe contemplates the Custom Callback table.
And the Overall Championship titles go to...  Brighty and the weanling!
I only brought one Original Finish model.  I knew I'd never manage to get him in his class on my own, so I enlisted some help.  Here's High Lonesome standing on Beth McCarley's table.
And here is in the show ring.  Yay!  Thanks to Beth, he did not miss his class.
This is the only other picture I took of the Breyer ring. 
I did slightly better with the Stone ring, but not much.
This is Janet Davis with a prize winning Tennesse Walking Horse.
This was the Overall Champion in the Stone halter division.
And this was the Reserve.  Reveron is a OOAK factory custom owned and painted by Sheila Anderson Bishop.
And that's it for today--I'm off to the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo!


  1. I'm trying to get Jase to go with to RMHE with no success yet. Pondering blackmail....

  2. Yeah for Story! Can I post the picture to my website?

  3. Teresa--hope you can make it. I had a really nice time today. Would love to go back, but have a birthday slumber party to host...

    Danielle--Feel free to use the picture however you see fit. Story is a real favorite of mine and when I get around to sending in NAN cards for merit awards, she will qualify for a Register of Merit in halter, the Legion of Merit and also the Versatility Award. GO Story!