Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Seriously?  Another new resin?

Believe it!
I received my "Christmas present" from Tiffany today. 
I wasn't expecting this and I find that I am torn between utter delight and crushing guilt.  This is quite simply the coolest present ever, but...  I am unworthy.  Perhaps I can make up for this by sending Tiff a really cool April Fool's Day present?
For the record, Jennibray is an Eberl Jumping Nancy resin customized and painted by Tiffany Purdy.
And those hobby blahs? Gone, gone, GONE!  Funny how that happens!


  1. Looks like a fun new model---maybe you could debut him at the upcoming performance show you were talking about?

  2. That's quite the surprise! Can't wait to see in person on Saturday :)

  3. I'm afraid I might be turning into the crazy mule lady, but with mules like this... I just don't care!

    Honestly, she's SO much cooler in person. Just a perfect combination of Eberl and Purdy!

  4. What a wonderful present! She made a stunning mule!

  5. Oooh she makes a most excellent Mule! Does this mean we'll be seeing a Coon Jumping perf entry from you? :P

  6. Purdy does it again! I confess... I was privy to the secret ;). *evil grin* But the stolen bridle story was awesome ;). She sounded so sincere... Let me know if you didn't get the photos of documentation and ideas I sent in response to your pics. Some servers don't play nice with my email address. ;)

  7. That totally is kin to Chase's grandma's mule, Charlie. She used to show him in the jumper classes in CA (back in the day!) until all the exhibitors got fed up w/ being beaten by the mule and banned mules from the shows. Undaunted, she created her own mule and donkey show and ran it to benefit polio research! Maybe I'll scan a photo one of these days so you can see Charlie!