Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blue Skies Western Performance, Part Two

Midway through the Western Performance division at Blue Skies Live, Emma had just two fourth place ribbons to her credit.  That all changed with the trail class where Emma's simple but correct ground poles entry bested the competition.
Lu's Jasmine also had a nice ground poles set-up.
Jane's wonderful old man, Ronin, looked as handsome as ever in this mailbox entry.
Not all the entries were of the Arena Trail variety.  This is Lu's Monte...
and Sandy's custom Ruffian.
Love the jacket!
Pleasure was next and once again Emma claimed the blue.
The last performance class of the day was Other Western.  Lu contributed not one...
but two Reined Cowhorse entries.
Margarita Madness was back with a Pony Express re-enactment set-up.
Detail of the saddle by Terry Newberry.
Sandy's other entry represented an "Extreme Cowboy Challenge" class.
No one does water like Sandy!
This really neat coyote hunting entry had both written and computer documentation.
I had originally planned to build a Western Riding entry for this class.  However, as I watched everyone else set up their big, elaborate dioramas, I changed my mind.  I thought it might be fun to do the least elaborate entry possible--Western Bareback.  As you can see, the judge was not terribly impressed with my underachieving efforts!
That's ok.  Callbacks were next and it turns out that two firsts, two fourths and a sixth were all that was needed to win the Western Performance Championship.  Sandy's Margarita Madness was Reserve.  I am pretty sure this is the first time I've ever bested Lu or Sandy in the Western Performance division.
With championships in both the English and Western divisions, Emma was a shoo-in for the overall championship as well.  Go mule!


  1. The whole performance division was wonderful. I'm so amazed at all the knowledge and creativity and talent represented! I actually had an entry for the Other Western class and had waited all day to set it up but when I saw Sandy's Extreme Cowboy's bucket of water I completely forgot about it. >embarrassed<

  2. LOL Jane! I just decided to bag perf after the games class. I had to ignore something and my judging duties came first.

    LOVE the photos Jennifer!

  3. Jane--I'm guessing that if you had set up your Other Western entry, poor Emma would have finished even lower! Still, I would have liked to have seen it.

    I'm going to have to think of something interesting (and elaborate) for Emma to do in Other Western. Does anyone have any ideas?

  4. That bucket of water...wow...wish I was that talented!!

    Congratulations on the overall!

    Thanks for posting these photos!

  5. I've noticed that a lot of theses custom riders have lower legs that are much longer than they would be in real life. Is this the going trend these days? I can especially tell it in the English riders.

  6. Randa--I think you're seeing has a lot to do with the way Breyer dolls sit on a horse. The new generation of dolls is better than the old, but they're still not perfect. They really don't want to sit *down* into the saddle seat and it's hard to get their lower legs positioned just right. I spend a lot of time and energy trying to make my saddles fit the dolls as well as the horses but it's never perfect.