Thursday, March 10, 2011

Blue Skies Resin Halter, Part Two

More photos from the resin halter division of the Blue Skies Live Show held last Saturday at the El Paso County Fairgrounds in Calhan, Colorado.

The Arabian class was split into two sections.  My two bay boys were first and third in the stallion class and my other bay boy, Jafar, was first in the gelding/mare class.
Love this Kathi Bogucki Persia resin!  She was painted by Cindy Williams and is owned by Cindy Kessler.
Ah, here's Jafar!  He ended up winning the Light Breed Reserve Championship. 
Another model painted by Cindy Williams and owned by Cindy Kessler.  This was the winner of the Andalusian class.
Regan O'Keefe's Nas Sambras won the Lusitano class.
My own Tuscalero won the Spanish Mustang class.
This is the callback table for the Spanish/Gaited breed championship.  Cindy's Andalusian was the champion and Jane's Independence was reserve.
Ponies came next.
I love ponies so I have lots of them.  This one is Princess Buttercup.  She's a Kristina Lucas Francis U-Know painted by Hilary Schwafel.
I think this cute Tynk belongs to Nancy Dement.
Sheila brought the first painted copy of her brand new pony resin.  It was a very successful debut--Cerridwen won her class and later was named Reserve Champion Resin Pony.
This D'Arry Jone Frank resin won the Shetland/Kerry Bog Pony class.
My Dagobert (SMB Otto resin by Sonya Johnson) finished right behind him...
and my other Shetlands were third and fourth.
Onto the foals!  My pair were first (Paint) and second (Appaloosa) in the Stock Foal class.
A very cute light breed entry.
And another.
Champion callbacks for the foal division.   There are five Buxton foals on the table, but it was Rajun Cajun, the Okie Rio, who emerged the victor.
After the foal division was finished, all the champion and reserve champion resins were called back to the judging table.
After a lot of deliberation, Sheila Anderson Bishop's Scarlet was named Overall Resin Halter Champion.
The Alchemist owned by Teresa Buzzell was the Reserve.
Congratulations to all the winners!   There were a lot of beautiful resins at this show.


  1. Thanks for the wonderful stuff about rein a horse. It's just nice way to handle a horse.

  2. That Eberl Fjord! WANT!! This is only the second time I've come across a picture of her and I've never seen one for sale :(

    There were lots of beautiful resins there! Good to see Rune again :)

  3. That Eberl Fjord... I covet her. I think I've take her picture every single time Teresa takes her to a show. It's just pitiful!

  4. Otto is such a cute little feller! I'd love to snuggle him :)