Wednesday, March 30, 2011

All the Purdy horses

Even though I tease Tiffany about her obsession with all things pink, there's no denying that I am huge fan of her custom work.  I love, love, love each and every one of my Purdy horses, and often find myself haunting Tiffany's blog hoping for a glimpse of her newest creations.

Given that background, it's not surprise that I was absolutely tickled pink to share a table with Tiff at the Show for the Cure.  
Each and every horse on that table was nothing short of stunning.  Here's a better look at a few of my favorites. 
Cirra is the new Breyer Eberl Arabian mold with a custom neck and tail.  She didn't stay on our table for more than an hour before she had found herself a new home.
Mole Bait is a customized Alborozo.
Tiffany keeps threatening to retire this guy, but I am glad she hasn't actually done that yet.  He's just too cool in person!
I can't remember this one's name, but he is also an Alborozo.
Jericho's Royal Secret is a portrait of Tiffany's real mare, Sassy.
This model was the Reserve Champion Custom Part Arabian at last year's NAN.
The next horse is a Breyer Salinero customized with an Esprit mane and tail.  He's an unusal buckskin going gray color and is absolutely stunning in person.
Freedom Generator is a Breyer Clock Horse...

with a Salinero head. 
The Dutch Harness Horse, Jonker, is also a two Breyer custom.  Can you guess which models Tiff used to build him?
Last but certainly not least is Bellonia.  This little sorraia mare was created from the Breyer Stage Mom and is part of Tiffany's permanent showstring. 
Of course "permanent" is a relative term, right?  If I can create just the right piece of pink tack, maybe I can convince Tiffany that Bellonia would be much happier living in Colorado...


  1. Wow, awesome horses! I also loved your other liveshow reports.

    "The Dutch Harness Horse, Jonker, is also a two Breyer custom. Can you guess which models Tiff used to build him?"
    My guess is: Lonesome Glory (head) on a Huckleberry Bey body.

  2. I can see why you love her work so much - fantastic details!

    I agree with the above about what made Jonker!

  3. In regards to Jonker--I'm sure you're right. I know I asked Tiff what the pieces were on all the horses, but I sort of blanked on him while I was writing the post. I decided it would be better to leave it as a question rather than post the wrong information. Duh!

  4. wonderful horses! I wonder if anything could induce Tiffany to part with Jericho...

  5. I happen to know that Tiffany has turned down some pretty big offers for the Sassy model. I think she is temptation proof...

  6. I see more pink halters and pink accessories in your future Jennifer if you want that mare :D

  7. That was me btw...

  8. Tiffany's customs are amazing! I'm afraid I can only dream of ever owning one so I'm very gratefull for the pictures you posted.

    My guess for the Tuigpaard is a Huck body with a Flash head.

  9. Hi, I am wondering if you happen to know who did the custom in the background of one of your pics of Tiffany's (Amazing!) customs. It is the Salinero custom-buckskin going grey and I would love to know more about the grumpy aggressive mustang behind it and it's artist.
    Thanks! Love your pics!

    1. That's a Sue Kern piece. Believe it or not, it started out as a Breyer Esprit! She's a really neat model, and I was happy to have a chance to see her in person.