Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It takes a village

Although Emma and I were the big winners in the performance division at the Blues Skies Live Show last weekend...
we didn't win all this loot by ourselves!
So today I'm taking a moment to thank all the wonderful hobbyists who had a part in Emma's big day.  I'll start with my friend Jane Schneider who dressed this wonderful endurance doll.
Sheri Wirtz dressed my event official and Alaina Richardson made his clipboard and staff ribbon.
My dressage fence was built by Lynn Yates.
Sheri Wirtz and Corinne Ensor are the artists behind my huntseat rider.
Carmen Robertson created this beautiful and versatile hunter/jumper fence.
My eventing doll came from Jane Schneider's studio.
Jana Skybova made the bell boots
Jennifer Kistler made the bridle number which Teresa Buzzell lent me (again).
Anne Field dressed my casual English rider and Alaina Richardson made her mounted games vest.
My Western riders came from Marilyn Fowler...
and Anne Field.  The late Margaret Teller made the Western pleasure saddle and Doreen McGuire made the string cinch.
Finally, Karla Phelps built the pole bending poles.
I'd also like to thank JerryLynn Rice for holding the Blue Skies Live Show and Sue Manly for flying all the way from Spokane, Washington to judge the performance division.
Last but certainly not least, I want to thank Mel Miller for sculpting Emma and Tiffany Purdy for bringing her to life.
Thanks everyone--I couldn't have done it without you!!!


  1. >Smile< I think about all the wonderful performance setups YOU have contributed to, too..!

  2. <3 So much nice stuff and so well put together. I'm proud to have had some part in it! :D