Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Jenn's horses

One of the best parts of my recent visit to Jennifer Scott's home was getting to spend time in the pasture with her three wonderfully personable horses.
The grey Arabian is Mystyk's Myrlyn. Better known as Myr, he is of particular interest to me, as he is a half brother to my former lease horse, Mystyc
Myr is a smart, sensitive, affectionate horse with an amazingly gumby like ability to twist and contort his body. 
Most horses will stretch after a nap,
but Myr's stretches are special.
How is this possible?
The two Morgans, Rocky and Ivy, are products of longtime hobbyist, Laura Behning's breeding program. Rocky is Edgefield Gemstone, by Edgefield Sun Gold and out of Kennebec Topaz.
He is a near perfect husband horse--big, solid, quiet and oh so friendly.
Edgefield Ivory Rose (Edgefield Sun Gold x Avondale Sweet Rosie), aka Ivy, is Jenn's heart horse.
It's not hard to see why.
This is a lovely little mare.
Still, it was the boys...
and their goofy antics...
who claimed most...
of my attention.
Thanks again for inviting me over, Jenn. I absolutely love your ponies!


  1. Oh my gosh Ivy reminds me of a mare I used to ride named Chloe!!!! So sweet!

  2. So cute!! Myr's stretches are amazing... he looks like a pony at my barn named Poppy!
    Ivy seems so sweet and calm...... while the geldings are nipping and contorting their bodies into strange shapes and being so silly!
    Does Jenn have models of her horses?

    1. Not yet. There may be an Ivy sculpture coming next year though. :)

    2. That sounds wonderful!
      You *need* a model of Myr doing his special stretches.... so cute!

    3. Little Ivy sounds wonderful, but you know what would be even better?

      Little Mookie.

  3. Gorgeous horses! Such beautiful show names....

  4. Myr is adorable. Love the face in the last picture.

    Your preparing lace tack tip has been very helpful for me today. Was going to prepare ALL the lace but got to the point where I was skiving through it every inch or so so I stopped.

  5. I was really really hoping Rocky would stick his tongue straight out the side of his mouth when he started being a turd to Myr. He usually does that and it wags and flops around as he tosses his head - it's hysterical! We're talking a big thick tongue extended probably five inches out. He's such a goof.