Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Memorable Myr

I like all three of Jennifer Scott's horses.
Ivy is so feminine and pretty with dapples galore.
Rocky is the quintessential Morgan; athletic, sensible and sturdy.
And then there's Myr. 
goofy Myr.
I can always count on Myr to do something memorable for my camera.
I mean, who could forget this moment?
I swear he's not actually deformed.
Monday's visit didn't produce anything truly weird. 
Instead, this time he gifted me with a wonderful series of pictures of him enjoying scratchy time with Jenn.
Myr really loves to be scratched...
I love these pictures! 
I can hardly wait to see what Myr will have in store for me next time. Whatever it is, I know I'm really going to to like it!

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