Friday, May 3, 2019

Revisiting the dream

In 2016, Jennifer Scott and I got together and held our dream shows.
We found a great showhall,
we assembled a dream team of A list judges,
we gave away some really big prizes...
and we persuaded many of the hobbies top showers to come to Aurora, Colorado.
The Jennifer Show was named NAMHSA Model Show of the Year for 2017.
By all objective standards, our big show was a big success.
But it wasn't perfect. There were time management issues, Ryan's judging program had a few hiccups and there was a lack of cohesion between Jenn's halter show and my performance show. Although we were generally pleased with how things went, Jenn and I both knew that we could do better.
Also, I find it impossible to think of the Jennifer Show 2016 without remembering how sad I was. 
My dad died just five weeks before show day, and for me, the entire show - even the very best moments - were colored by grief.
So, yeah, we want a do-over.
We've rented the same great show hall...
and assembled an even bigger dream team of A-list judges.
We're offering more divisions...
and giving away more prizes.
We have some additional fun events planned, which is important. We really want this show to be as much fun as it is competitive.
I'll probably think of my dad - because how could I not? - but it won't be sad thoughts this time. On the contrary, I know he'd be really proud of what we're doing. He wouldn't understand it really, but he'd still be proud.
The Jennifer Show will be held September 14-15 at the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds in Aurora, Colorado. Registration opens this weekend. Please join our Facebook group and check out our web page for more details.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your father's passing. Thoughts & prayers with you. ❤️ I am glad you were still able to be at the show in 2016! I am hoping to have some horses proxy show this this year, and came across this post looking for the 2019 prizes. Is there anywhere I can find a list? Hoping to know which prizes for what too (ex Anise to section champ & reserve champ, ____ to 1st place etc) to be sure everything gets sent home by my proxy.