Saturday, July 20, 2019


Friday was the first day of BreyerFest at the Kentucky Horse Park. I slept in, ate a leisurely breakfast and headed over to the park. 
I followed the crowds from the parking lot...
into the BreyerFest area. 
So many people! 
Once I reached the covered arena, I made a beeline for Maggie Bennett's booth.
There, I passed over a couple dozen perfect resins to buy a two piece Amarant and an Arabian skull. Raise your hand if you're surprised.
With my shopping needs met, it was time to find friends, namely the mostly Colorado crowd of Nae Grinlaubs, Kenzie Williamson, Fabian Rodriguez and Angelo Zunic.
We walked and talked and visited a pop up store.
Eventually that group split up, and I joined Amanda Bowe and Sondra Householder for more walking, talking and shopping.
We wandered back to Sondra's car for lunch, and after our meal, I got a most important text from Fabian.
I ran to my van and grabbed my riding clothes.
Then I hoofed it to Barn 2, where the sidesaddle group was stabled. 
I almost died of heatstroke, but it was worth it.
 I still can't believe this happened!
After our ride, I went back to my hotel to spend some quality time with the air conditioner. Then I drove to the Clarion and did some more room shopping. Here I am with up and coming tack maker, Katherine Bone.
I had a quick dinner with Lindsay Diamond, then it was back to the Artisan's Gallery for another night of sales and socializing.
This was another really fun day. Thank you so much to everyone who spent it with me!

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