Wednesday, July 31, 2019

July horses, part three

I know that a lot of people dream of keeping their horse at home, but I love boarding stables. In particular, I love Kenlyn, where I've ridden for the last six and a half years. No matter what time of day I show up, there's always something interesting happening.
Remember Kenlyn Katrina
James and I just missed her birth in 2014. She's grown up a lot since then.
Aggie started her under saddle earlier this summer, and she's doing great. Good girl, Katrina!
On the other end of the age spectrum, here's Susan's Quarter Horse, Casper.
He is retired and loving every minute of it.
Thanks in part to me, Santana is not retired, but he is also a happy camper.
He wants you to know that Kylee used his nose as a painting reference for her rearing circus horse, Daring Douglas.
That's not surprising. It is, perhaps, the cutest horse nose ever.
Speaking of cute...
Look at these photos of Thunder and Chino. 
Oh, I love both of these sweet boys so much! 
I also love Lucy, who truly deserves a post of her own.
Soon, my pretty girl. I promise!
Boarding stables like Kenlyn are a gift that keeps on giving.
I can't wait to see what August will bring!


  1. I had no idea about the nose. I agree. Nor about the browband. I agree.

  2. Daybyday vlogs' new horse is named Chino!