Sunday, September 8, 2019

Pearlies and swirlies

In addition to all the regular colors, the Jennifer Show medallion stockpile also includes a number of metallics, pearlies...
and swirlies. 
To make the metallics and pearlies, skip the baby powder and prepare the mold using metallic or pearl powders. These can be purchased from Reynolds Advanced Materials, or you can the Pearl-ex from your painting stash.
These powders are even harder on your lungs than the resin fumes. Always wear your respirator while working with them!
Apply the powder to the mold with a soft make-up brush. 
Be sure to push the powder up the sides and into all the crevices. 
Remove the excess, then mix and pour your resin. 
The metallic powders are very strong and will almost completely mask the resin color. I used a black resin for the Gold Fridas.
The pearls are much less opaque. These Loves are plain white resin with a little smear of yellow poured over a mix of white pearl and gold.
To make a swirly, measure your resin Parts A and B and add just a little bit of color to Part B. Mix thoroughly.
 Combine Parts A and B...
and mix again. 
Add more dye to the cup. 
 Gently swirl it in. 
The goal is to create swirls of more intense color. If you over mix, the medallions will be solid colored. If you under mix, you end up with sticky blobs of dye that don't cure.
Pour the resin into a prepared mold. The swirls aren't obvious when the resin is liquid.
 Ten minutes later, you can't miss them. Look at this adorable herd of swirlies!
The Jennifer Show is less than a week away... I'd better get back to casting!

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