Thursday, October 23, 2014

Everyone gets a Mink

For the first thirty years of my hobby life, the terms "Breyer" and "model horse" were synonymous. 

Then, I moved to Colorado and attended my first live show.  I was blown away by the accuracy and detail of the artist resins, and it wasn't long before my collecting habits made a complete one eighty.  I've been a dedicated resin and custom collector ever since.

Recently, however, Breyer has started to woo me back.  First it was the Siftons.  Then it was the Lucas-Francis's and the Kilbourns and especially the Eberls.  I honestly didn't think they could top the Eberls...  until this happened:
Yes, it's true--for the first time ever, everyone can own a horse by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig.
Granted, the first release is only available to members of the Breyer's Premier Club, but still it's a mass produced, plastic body...
I have never been a conga line collector, but I will happily make an exception for this pretty girl.  Kudos and congratulations to Breyer and Sarah  for creating this outstanding pony.  Thanks also to Deb Omel for allowing me to use her colorized versions of the lovely Croi Damsha.


  1. Ooh! A name as gaeilge (in Irish). I'd say a lot of people will have trouble pronouncing it though..

    1. Can you tell us how it is supposed to be pronounced please? I would love to know!

      That is one seriously beautiful pony too! Breyer rocks with this one!

    2. Croí damhsa should be pronounced like 'Cree dowsah'

  2. I was kicking myself for not joining the Premier Club because of Wyatt, now I'm DOUBLY kicking myself....

    Dancing Heart is a beautiful sculpt!

  3. I hope we see this pretty girl as a special tent run at BF next year. Thanks for sharing the possibilities!

  4. I've always a Sarah Mink creation. I was fortunate to get to meet her twice at two shows in california back in the early 90s. and she was just the nicest person. Back then she was just Sarah the Mink or simply The Mink. A very talented customizer. I also met other big names before they were considered big names. Hahaha

  5. I think I just got suckered in by that flaxen chestnut...

  6. I want to see her in a light dapple grey or a roan.