Friday, June 7, 2019

Dinosaur performance

Knowing that both Jackie "Dr. Steggy" Rossi and Cam "the Dinosaur Man" Clow would be attending this year's Jennifer Show, I decided to float the idea on the Jennifer Show Facebook page.
Jackie tried to resist,
but Cam took the bait.
 Hook, line... 
and sinker!
drawing by Cameron Clow
Then other people started to get in on the action. 
I love it when a plan comes together. 
No pressure, people, but I'm going to be really disappointed if they're aren't a whole lot of dinosaurs on the table in the Other Animal Performance class. In fact, I'm willing to offer a big prize to the top dinosaur entry. No promises, but it may involve a saddle...
Western pleasure dinosaur owned by Erin Corbett and Olive Hintz
If you're attending the Jennifer Show and haven't joined the Jennifer Show Facebook page, what are you waiting for? This is where all the news and chatter is happening, and it's also the single best place to discuss Dinosaur Performance!


  1. This will be a hysterical (inaccurate historical) class!

    1. If it's not, I will be hugely disappointed.

  2. omg this is awesome haha! if anyone is interested there's a pretty fun "source" material for brontosaurus dressage here.... lol