Saturday, June 1, 2019

I have a (performance) dream

Petting zoos were a staple of Ryan and James' childhoods.
We never passed up a chance to pet animals...
and every time we did so...
I took lots of pictures.
This was partly because my kids were cute...
So cute!
but also because I have a dream. 
Someday, I am going to create a full 1:9 scale petting zoo.
There will be goats,
various barnyard fowl, 
and, of course, donkeys...
and ponies.
My petting zoo will be enclosed in metal panel fencing...
and there will be a sink by the gate, where all the children can wash their hands.
To this end, I have collected numerous small equines, most of which are actually painted.
I have a dairy cow that will be perfect once I finish her...
and a bunch of beef cows that are fine as is.
I have a few goats. Not enough.
Ditto sheep.
I have ducks and chickens,
a turtle...
but no pigs. I really need a pig.
This pig bit James. Tears were shed.
I don't have an alpaca, but I do have a llama. She needs paint.
I have some fencing and I've watched a couple YouTube tutorials on making miniature sinks.
I'll probably need some dolls, but Anne will help me with that, right?
It may take me twenty years, but someday, somehow this petting zoo is going to happen.
Most performance showers have a dream like this. Some are bigger, some are smaller and some are probably impossible, but nearly all of us have this kind of grand idea in our heads. At the Jennifer Show, there's a class for just this kind of thing. 
Big Dreams Performance is Sunday's first Jackpot performance class. Showers are invited to bring up the parts and pieces of their long term "someday" projects. It doesn't matter if parts are unfinished and some pieces are missing. This is, after all, a class for dreamers. Please include lots of reference pictures, and of course, there should be a full description of what this entry will look like... someday!


  1. Of course Anne will help you with dolls! And I’ll keep an eye out for pigs!