Tuesday, July 23, 2019

BreyerFest epilogue

It's a long drive from Lexington, Kentucky to Aurora, Colorado. Google Maps clocks it at seventeen hours and thirty minutes, but let me tell you, no one has ever done it that quickly. Between gas stops, pee stops, constant rain and traffic slowdowns, Heather, Angelo and I spent most of two days in the car.
Although none of us had done an excessive amount of shopping at BreyerFest, we still managed to come home with a lot of extra stuff. The minivan was packed to the ceiling, and poor Angelo - who'd taken over Lilie's spot for the return trip - was buried under a pile of plastic ponies!
I usually enjoy long road trips and spend a lot of time taking photos out the car window. This time I drove almost the entire way, so camera duty fell to Heather. 
 She posted a few pictures...
and smart ass funny comments...
to Facebook, but mostly our trip was unrecorded.
That's okay. It was a good drive spent with good friends and a perfect ending to a nearly perfect BreyerFest. 

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  1. I get why you didn't have time to say hello now, LOL! That was a long trip. I was thinking of you, though!