Friday, July 26, 2019

What's in the boxes?

The UPS man delivered three big boxes of model horses to my house this week.
Don't worry, Emma! These aren't BreyerFest purchases. 
They're the Jennifer Show Performance Challenge models.
On September 15, seventeen intrepid performance showers will show seventeen identical models in eleven different performance classes. The identity of the model will be disclosed approximately one hour before the show begins. Until then, these babies are staying undercover.
Many thanks to Corina Roberts, who facilitated the purchase of these models. Corina is an authorized Breyer and CollectA dealer, and she offers this service to all NAMHSA show holders. I really hope someone else will take advantage of her great volume discounts and hold a Performance Challenge of their own!
P.S. There's been a lot of speculation as to the identity of this model. If you have a guess, please put it in the comment section of this post. The first person to correctly name the horse will win a prize!


  1. I'm still thinking Enzo. I don't know why!

  2. I think it may be Catch Me (the True North mold)

  3. I’ll guess Enzo the Mangalarga

  4. Voyeur (or however you spell it, the bay Bristol RR)

  5. I'd like to do this some day. What fun!

  6. Paint me a Pepto is my guess

  7. For the sake of diversity I will guess Dominante! That would certainly be a challenge :P

  8. Wait, Buckeye is mid-year, so not out yet. Protocol! and everyone gets doggy bonuses!

  9. Cobra would be a good model to use for that sort of thing, so that's my guess.

  10. Replies
    1. the unknown is susan ford dundee or hal mold