Tuesday, July 23, 2019

I love you guys

It's trite but true: The best part of BreyerFest is the people. Here are a few of the people who made this year's BreyerFest so wonderful. I love you guys!
Tiffany Purdy and Fabian Rodriguez "branding" a model
Kenzie Williamson, Fabian Rodriguez and Nae Grinlaubs
Melanie Miller
Action Stan
Stan Sollars with Action Stan
Susan Bensema Young
Tara Reich
Tiffany Purdy
Cameron Clow and Fabian Rodriguez
Fabian Rodriguez, Cameron Clow, Morgen Kilbourn and Jackie Rossi
More Pugman!
Eleanor Harvey with a Children's Show champion
Mackenzie "No Arms" Purdy
Kristen Cermele, Joanne Cermele, Leah Koerper and Tiffany Purdy

1 comment:

  1. Finally I get to see the whole Tara! I bet the Pam is on purpose...