Saturday, July 6, 2019


My niece, Lilie, has been here for ten days, and it's been a really good visit.
She is a great kid and fits right in with this branch of the Buxton family.
Life is good except for this one little issue: I leave for BreyerFest on Tuesday, and I am completely and laughably unprepared.
Stolen from Erin Corbett
Today, I really wanted to go to Manitou Springs with the rest of my family. Instead I stayed home to pack.
I packed the NaMoPaiMo herd...
and the NaMoPaiMo medallions.
This gorgeous Frida by Tiffany Purdy will be for sale at the NaMoPaiMo table in the Artisan's Gallery.
I'll also have a lot of other things for sale, including NaMoPaiMo stickers,
1:9 scale NaMoPaiMo gift bags,
full scale NaMoPaiMo tote bags (dog not included)...
and NaMoPaiMo t-shirts.
I also packed some other non-NaMo items, including the five pound gummy bear I won at Candyland Live and my-love-it-or-hate-it Hands Horse.
Hawkward is going back to Tiffany to be branded, and the tack repair kit is for Kylee's secret project.
I made a quick Target run for food and other provisions.
There's still a million things I need to do, but at least I'm a lot closer now. Hurry up and come home, family! I'm tired of packing. I want to be part of the fun again!


  1. I know about the laughably unprepared. But using a dog for a tote bag prop seems to me at least a little bit inspired.

    1. She's a bad barn dog, but a really good photographer's assistant.