Wednesday, July 31, 2019

July horses, part two

Since I got back from BreyerFest, I've been riding the usual cast of characters: Santana,
and Lucy. 
I've also ridden Scarlett,
and Thunder, although now that his owner is back in the saddle, I'm riding him a lot less.
That's actually a good thing, because as much as I enjoy riding Thunder, I like riding with his owner even more!
Thanks to the beavers, the river bottom is still a swampy mess. I've been down there a couple times...
but mostly we've been staying up high where the footing is good...
and the critters...
are plentiful. 
Recently, I've been obsessed with stalking a litter of coyote puppies that have been roaming our trails. Most of the sightings...
have resulted in pictures that look like this...
but yesterday, my persistence was finally rewarded.
July has been a really great month for riding. 
I hope August is even half as good!


  1. Nice hawk!! Nice pup shot too... not to combine these...

    1. There was a spirited debate as to whether or not the coyote pup was hawk bait. I think s/he was a bit to big for that to be a concern, but that hawk was definitely taking a good long look.