Monday, July 22, 2019

Best Customs Contest

Since its inception in 2015, the BreyerFest Best Customs Contest has become a showcase for the hobby's finest artists. This year's contest had five categories: Most Extreme Custom, Excellence in Finish Work, Best Theme (Good Hair Day), Fantasy and Best Custom for Performance. The finalists for each category were displayed Thursday through Saturday in the Artisan's Gallery, with the winners being announced Saturday night.

The finalists for Most Extreme Custom were Carissa Kirksey,
Nickel Kent...
and Melanie Miller, whose Touch of Class turned galloping Arabian took home the top prize.
Cindy Evans-Yates' NaMoPaiMo horse, Colin, was one of the finalists for Excellence in Finishwork.
He was joined by Christina Riley's mini Alborozo...
and Karen Zorn's Appaloosa Dundee. 
This one was named the Champion.
Good Hair Day is next. Katie Langford's soapy Clydesdale and
Lauren Wood's clipped Flash...
were bested by Amanda Brock's gorgeous Incendio.
Fantasy is always a tough category and this year was no exception. Monika West's Deviant Art inspired model...
was joined by two hippogriffs. This one was created by Tiffany Purdy...
and this by Hannah Tripp.
And the winner is... Hannah Tripp!
The final category was Excellence for Performance. In my opinion, this was the most over-the-top, amazing class this year, with three crazy competitive entries. They included Mindy Young's Man From Snowy River set-up...
and Laura Skillern's Fort Worth Stockyards diorama.
 Laura made every piece of this...
 and all of it was so good.
 I have no doubt this would have been named champion any other year.
But not this year.  This year was the year of Kylee Parks' circus horses.
 These amazing 1:6 scale horses were created from two Foalzillas.
Kylee also sculpted the doll. He is attached to the bowing model with a short peg and hidden magnets. Nataliya Meschurova made the tack, Maire Lanzafane made the saddle blankets and Ekaterina Polygalina made the whips.
The whole thing was set up on a revolving base. Talk about extra.
Needless to say, Kylee was the winner of the Excellence for Performance division. Congratulations, Kylee. I can't wait to see what you do next year!


  1. I see the circus horses being labelled 1:6 scale a lot, but is that really true? surely since they're made from espresso, they're 1:6 scale for a foal, not an adult horse? They're incredible and impressive, I'm mostly wondering because my other hobby works pretty much only in 1:6 scale so I'm very interested to see more adult horses of that size

    1. I didn't measure them so I can't speak with absolute authority, but they were definitely BIG. Also, HEAVY! The doll seemed approximately the size of my Johnny West dolls, and I believe that's 1:6.

  2. Thank you for the shout out! :) It was good to see you again, albeit briefly!

    1. Your horse was fabulous! Did I hear correctly that he started out as a Foundation Stallion?

    2. Thank you! Yes indeed, he started life as an old broken legged Foundation Stallion mold. He was wacked up into 17 pieces, & totally rebuilt. :) Nothing like a little violence in the name of art. ;)