Friday, July 19, 2019

Maggie saves the day

As much as we'd like to pretend otherwise, there are inherent risks to traveling with and publicly displaying model horses. Two years ago, my friend, Sandra's horse ended up in a dumpster. This year, Cameryn Oswald's gorgeous micro took a tumble on the NaMoPaiMo table. Happily, like in 2017, this year's story has a happy ending. Thank you, Cameryn, for being so gracious and allowing me to share your words here. 

A Positive BreyerFest Moment

by Cameryn Oswald

So most everyone knows about the little rabicano micro I painted for NaMoPaiMo this year...
Well, he was somehow damaged while on display in the Artisan's Gallery. Three of his legs were bent, with paint flaking off. When Jennifer Buxton broke the news to me, I was in shock, no doubt. I was wondering how I was going fix the thing. Then just as we’re discussing how/what to do to fix it, Maggie Jenner-Bennett (a literal angel) appeared. 
She bent his legs back, no problem, and gave me tips as to how to fix him. 
Before I knew it, a team was assembled. Paint was delivered, and Maggie went to work her magic on my little guy. 
She fixed him up...
and even offered me a couple replacement micros. For that I am so grateful! 
These two ladies helped turn what could have been a terrible moment, into something I will never forget! The teamwork and compassion in this hobby is just wonderful! Thank you both!
Also, I got to hold Maggie's NaMoPaiMo horse, a true work of art in my hands...which was just amazing! 
This is something I will remember forever! Definitely a positive BreyerFest moment!


  1. Hooray! Maggie is definitely a day-saver! bless her.

  2. Maggie is amazing! I finally broke down and bought one of her resins this year. He might be next years NaMoPaiMo horse