Wednesday, July 24, 2019

BreyerFest loot

BreyerFest loot photos are one of my favorite post-BreyerFest traditions, so I took one almost as soon as I got home.
I've already posted pictures of the Beswick, two-piece Amarant and Cookie, but here's a closer look at some of the other things in the picture, starting with this gorgeous sketch by Cameron Clow.
The 1:9 scale milk crates and salt block came from Enterprise Props,
the jump cups came from Model Horse Jumps... 
and the piggies were a gift to my future petting zoo from Jackie Rossi. There's also a really nice hunter pad by Maire Lanzafane and a beautiful crop by Hanna Bear.
Of course, as soon as I posted my loot photo on social media, Kylee reminded me that I forgot to include my amazing pink barbecue grill. This necessitated an updated picture.
After I put everything away, I realized I'd also forgotten my Studio Pink 42 tote bag and Zephyr sticker. The was the perfect excuse to take another, weirder group picture, but even I run out of energy sometimes.
I don't actively collect Breyers but I still managed to come home with a bunch of them. These included four special run horses from the tent, the Thirtieth Anniversary stablemate set,
 two Olivers, a Sarge...
and one volunteer Totilas. All the plastic horses will be for sale except for one of the Olivers. He's going to live with my niece, Lilie.


  1. I love the little milk crates and salt block. And I want your volunteer model! I NEEDS him! hahaha

  2. I love the 30th anni. stablemate set. I'm looking for one for a decent price.