Saturday, July 20, 2019

Sidesaddle sisters

Fabian is a member of the American Sidesaddle Association and represented that group in the covered arena at BreyerFest 2017.
Although he didn't have a part in the official demonstration this year, he told me he would still be able to ride at the Kentucky Horse Park. Also, he thought he could wrangle a horse for me as well. I did not one hundred percent believe that, but I believed it enough to pack my riding clothes.
Boy, am I glad I did!
Fabian texted me mid-day on Friday to let me know that riding was a go. I hustled back to the barn area, and together we tacked up Fern and Stoney.
Fern is the Saddlebred mare Fabian rode last time. She was outfitted with a modern Steele English/Western hybrid saddle.
My mount was Stoney, an aged Khemosabi-bred Arabian gelding.
He wore a modern Steele Western sidesaddle.
We mounted up and Fabian's friend told us, "Have fun!" And just like that, we were on our own.
 Of course, we headed right over to the covered arena.
Fern was a lot faster than Stoney, so she and Fabian led the way. 
"Hello back there!" 
The tables turned when we arrived at BreyerFest central. Stoney was completely unfazed by the crowds and chaos...
While Fern made it very clear that she wanted no part of either. 
Eventually, we turned around and headed back to the quieter barn area.
Once again, Fern outpaced Stoney. 
She's a nice mare...
but I can't help but feel like I got the best of this deal. Stoney may have been slow, but he was an absolute delight. He did everything I asked him to do and let me take a million pictures from his back.
And just look how pretty he is! 
Thank you so much for setting this up, Fabian. 
I will never doubt you again. You are my Sidesaddle Sister!

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