Monday, July 8, 2019

Today we ride

Tomorrow we leave at dawn, so today we rode.
James had not ridden with me in several years, but he decided to go, too, which made me really, really, really happy.
Since it's her last day here, Lilie got to choose the route. She wanted water crossings so we did the Sports Park loop...
which crosses the river twice. 
James rode Chino and it was good to see them together again.
I always felt like these two had a special connection, and today only reinforced that belief. Chino's owner says James is welcome to ride him "whenever." I hope he will. 
Lilie rode Santana, and now she knows why he is my "favorite person." 
He was absolutely perfect for her.
I rode Thunder and he was his usual amazing unicorn self.
I am so grateful for today and these three good horses.

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