Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Arkansas traveler

There are a lot of different ways to drive from Memphis to Denver.  When we first started planning our road trip, I asked Carol if she had any route preferences.  She said she did not.  Whichever way I wanted to go was fine with her.

"Are you sure?" I asked.  "Because if you leave it up to me, every stop is going to revolve around horses."

"That's fine," she said.

"Alright.  Just remember--you were warned."

We left Memphis and drove across the bridge into Arkansas early Wednesday afternoon.  
Arkansas' nickname is "the Natural State," and it's easy to see why.  The scenery is gorgeous even alongside a busy interstate... 
and even the road signs have a Southern accent!
Unfortunately, we encountered a lot of construction delays.  
It took us longer than expected to reach our first destination--the Little Rock home of fellow hobbyist, Janna Ragsdale!
We toured Janna's hobby room, which is a large, comfortable, creative space...
filled with treasures both new... 
and old! 
I just love this stack of vintage Sue Rowe saddles!
Then we headed out to the barn...
where we met Janna's real horse, Bunny. 
Our last stop was the Reptile Rescue Center, of which Janna is the founder and executive director. 
Since neither Carol or I are particularly fond of snakes, Janna introduced us to the lizards...
and turtles first. 
Janna is an excellent ambassador for reptiles.  Before I knew it, I was holding a uromastyx...
and even admiring some of the smaller snakes!
This was such a fun day!  Thank you so much for hosting us, Janna.  I wish we could have stayed longer.


  1. What an interesting post:
    I had to Google what an uromastyx was. Brrr - you're certainly braver than I would have been to hold it.
    That turtle has such an amazing looking back, I just want to reach out and touch it!! : )

    Hope that pretty tuxedo kitty got some 'lovin along with Bunny...

  2. I never knew Arkansas was so green and pretty. I'm not huge on snakes, except king cobras, but I like crocodilian species such as alligators and crocodiles. I also like lizards.

    1. I didn't know it was so green either!

  3. Thanks again for coming to visit! I had a blast hanging out with you and Carol. :)

  4. My brother lives in Arkansas and it can give any state in the Union a run for its money, scenery-wise.

    Is that a SHM with an LP head? Awesome!