Saturday, July 27, 2019

Dinosaur tack

There was  a lot of Jennifer Show talk at this year's BreyerFest, and most of that talk centered on one of two topics: the Performance Challenge mystery model and the Dinosaur Performance class.
Scene from Jurassic World
People are really excited about the Dinosaur Performance class.
Western Pleasure dino owned by Erin Corbett
I am also excited about it, and since this is one of the big prize Performance Jackpot classes,  I decided there needed to be at least one tacked up dinosaur in the prize pool. I bought this guy and went to work.
This is what I've come up with so far.
It's sort of a modified Barcoo bridle.
Sort of.
Now I need to choose a saddle design. Do I go with something resembling a normal (i.e. equine) saddle or maybe something more along these lines? 
Dinotopia: A Land Apart From Time by James Gurney
And then there's the whole scale problem. How big should the rider be in proportion to her mount? Is the Dinotopia cover correct? Or do I make things easier on myself and do something more akin to Cameron's drawing.
T-rex saddle by Cameron Clow
Oh Lordy, I have fallen down a dinosaur tack wormhole. Please send help!


  1. A basket saddle with fancy blanket saddle pad

  2. Maybe the saddle should be based off the Jurassic World saddles, since that scene was your initial inspiration? And if the scale is wrong for an adult rider, you can just say it's for a child/junior rider like in the film. In fact, you could lean into the junior rider theme and add the handle bar at the front of the saddles from the film scene! x

  3. I love, love Dinotopia. The books are gorgeous and full of pictures. Would you like to see more inspiration for saddles?

    1. Someone already beat you to it! A whole bunch of Dinotopia tack photos were uploaded to the Jennifer Show Facebook page earlier today. They are amazing. Oh, for more hours in the day (and room on my shelves)!

  4. Do one like they put on camels!